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Back in early 1990, Michael Kuo called up a group of young people with the same passions towards video technologies and having the same faith in making a difference in Taiwanese brands, and AVerMedia Technologies was born under these young people without any distinctive family backgrounds. However, with the belief and perseverance in continuous researching and developing digital imaging technology and applications, they pushed AVerMedia Technologies up to world leading manufacturer after acquiring important patents on key technologies in image and video processing and via global strategic deployment and marketing. AVerMedia technologies campaigns innovative thinking in every possible way, encouraging all employees to participate in order to continuously provide high quality products integrated with science and technology, environmental protection, ergonomics, and user experience, as well as in compliance with all regulations. AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan, listed on the stock market in 2000. AVerMedia Technologies specializes in PC/ tablet/ mobile TV watching solutions, high-definition video and real-time audio-visual product design, manufacturing and marketing. For all this time, AVerMedia Technologies holds "We aim to innovate the way people communicate and entertain themselves. We are deeply committed to corporate social responsibility on a global scale." as its corporate mission, not only focusing on business development and sustenance, but also laying importance on giving back to the society in return as a responsible corporate citizen.
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